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There are several items that each household should have in case of emergency. Some of these are obvious and sometimes taken for granted, while others are lesser-known. You want your home to be the safest place for your family, so make sure that you have each of these home safety essentials.

Smoke Detectors are Home Safety Essentials

Most people assume that their house has plenty of smoke detectors and that they work. However, malfunctioning smoke detectors put your household at the same risk as if you didn’t have them at all.

Smoke detectors should be present on every level of the home, including the attic and basement. Test them once per month to verify that they sound an alarm. Even hardwired smoke detectors need to be tested because the device is only reliable for a decade.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide cannot be seen or smelled like smoke. The only way to know if it is in your indoor air is with a detector. Install these detectors 5 feet above the floor in sleeping areas. There should also be a CO detector near fireplaces and gas-burning appliances. They are your only defense from deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.

Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher can be used to put a small fire out and buy you some time in a bigger fire. They are most commonly kept in the kitchen but you should also have one in the garage and by the fireplace. Make sure you and your family know how to use them. An easy way to remember is PASS: pull the tab, aim, squeeze the lever, and sweep back and forth.

Safety Ladders

Each room should have 2 exits, in case one is blocked by fire. Keep safety ladders that can easily be clipped to the window in upper-level bedrooms in case of emergency. Practice climbing down them so you aren’t doing it for the first time in a panic.

First-Aid Kit

Every home needs a fully stocked first-aid kit with supplies to treat minor injuries. Check your kit monthly and replenish when supplies get low.

Home Safety Essentials for a Disaster

Severe weather events and power outages could happen at any time. Have emergency supplies ready if you become stuck in the house with no power or must evacuate at short notice.

These items include flashlights, batteries, non-perishable food, water, medicine, pet food, and first-aid supplies. Keep all these essentials together so that you can easily grab them.

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