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You’ve worked hard to get your home ready to sell by improving curb appeal and making minor repairs and updates. You set a fair asking price and had professional photos taken for the online listing. Finally, you are under contract and hope that the rest of the transaction will go smoothly. The next hurdle to get over is the buyer’s home inspection. Complete these 5 steps to prepare for a home inspection.

Make All Areas Accessible to Prepare for a Home Inspection

Since the seller is not present at the buyer’s home inspection, it is especially important to provide access to all areas before leaving the house for the day. Leave keys for the places that are usually locked, like the crawl space door or utility closet, or just leave those doors unlocked for the inspector.

Move anything that is blocking access, like storage bins in the attic. The inspector won’t move the homeowner’s belongings during the inspection, so if there is an accessibility issue, it will be noted in the report. This may result in an incomplete inspection and slow down the whole process.

Clear the Perimeter of the Home’s Exterior

Similar to items blocking access to areas inside the house, things should also be moved away from the exterior. If an inspector cannot inspect an area of the foundation or siding because something is in the way, the report will say so. The buyer may wonder if there’s something you’re trying to hide when your inspector is unable to access a space.

Prepare for a Home Inspection by Turning Pilot Lights On

Make sure all the pilot lights in gas appliances, including the fireplace, are lit. This way the inspector will be able to inspect these components properly.

Change Burned Out Lightbulbs

When a light doesn’t work, it isn’t apparent whether the issue is the lightbulb or the light fixture itself. Eliminate any questions by making sure all the lightbulbs in the house are operational before the inspection.

Fix Minor Issues

Minor issues are not likely to cause a buyer to back out of the deal, but they do create an impression of how well the home has been maintained. Before the home inspection, fix dripping faucets, replace missing shingles, and change the HVAC filter. Covering your bases with these easy fixes will give a better overall impression to the buyer when they receive the report.

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