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The Home Inspection Company Inc. provides a wide selection of professional home inspection services that assist home-buyers and sellers in their efforts to secure a successful real estate transaction. We adhere to CAHPI’s strict Standards of Practice.

Buyer’s Inspection

A Buyer’s Inspection is a top-to-bottom visual evaluation of a home that will reveal the condition of most readily accessible components, helping you make a more informed buying decision. We will send out a comprehensive inspection report within just 24 hours after the inspection is performed.

The following components will be evaluated:

  • Roofing System
  • Foundation & Crawl Spaces
  • Grading
  • Structural Framing (when visible)
  • Exterior (cladding, doors, windows)
  • Interior (doors, windows, floors, walls, ceilings, stairs)
  • Attic, Insulation, & Ventilation
  • HVAC System
  • Electrical System
  • Plumbing System
  • Appliances

To help us conduct an accurate inspection that is able to shed light on a broad range of issues, we’ll utilize some of the industry’s best technology as necessary—at no extra cost to you! Some of the tools we use include: Thermal imaging, moisture meters, carbon monoxide detectors, and gas leak detectors.

Additional Inspection Services

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Pre-Listing Inspection

If you want to sell a home at the value you believe it to hold, then it’s important to have the home inspected before you make the listing. This way, we can assess the strengths and the weaknesses of the property, directing your attention to repair and maintenance issues that you may want to address in order to make the home more appealing to prospective buyers. Addressing these issues will also help negotiations progress much more smoothly.

set of construction tools laid out to do repairs after home inspection services are preformed

Home Maintenance Inspection

Every homeowner has varying levels of previous experience with routine home maintenance tasks, and regardless of your particular experience level, it’s always helpful to bring in a second pair of eyes. We’ll thoroughly assess the home’s visible features, reporting on any maintenance issues we find, while also helping you prioritize which home improvements to focus on first.

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Once we’ve delivered our inspection findings from a full home inspection, it’s likely that you’ll learn about at least a few deficiencies in the property’s construction. If the seller of the home agrees to correct these deficiencies prior to a final transaction, we can return to the property to make sure that the repairs or improvements were carried out to your expectations—giving you peace of mind before you commit to one of life’s biggest investments!

periodic table of the elements, magnifying lens focusing on Radon

Radon Testing

An invisible and odorless gas with radioactive properties, radon has been linked to numerous health ailments, including serious lung conditions in exposed individuals. Because the gas is so elusive, it’s important to bring in a professional to have a home tested for radon contamination. We’re able to do the job right, using specialized equipment to test the home, while returning the results of the test back to you in a timely manner.

Water being tested in test tubes while providing home inspection services

Water Testing

Every home-buyer wants their investment to be constructed safely and soundly, and that includes having access to a clean water supply. For this inspection service, we’ll collect water samples from the well and tap, sending the samples off to local professionals at a nearby laboratory. The water will be examined for the presence of contaminants such as heavy metals and coliform bacteria.

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Well Inspections

We can also schedule Well Inspections at the time of your home inspection through a qualified third party professional. This professional will thoroughly inspect a property’s well system, looking for damage or faulty mechanical components that could impact water pressure or negatively affect water quality.

Opening to a septic tank seen while preforming home inspection services

Septic Inspection

This inspection service will be subcontracted to a trusted third party, and can be scheduled at the same time as your home inspection. A professional septic inspector will look over your prospective home’s septic system to identify potential deficiencies in any of the accessible mechanical components, septic tank, or leach field. You will also be notified in the event that the septic tank needs pumped.

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The Home Inspection Company Inc. works hard to provide all of the inspection services a prospective home-buyer or seller will need in order to feel more comfortable and confident with a forthcoming real estate transaction.
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